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                  Brief Introduction of Hengshui Jiete FRP Co., Ltd.
                  發布日期:2019-05-18 15:04:25 點擊:6552

                  HENGSHUI JIETE  FRP CO., LTD is a fully engaged in glass fiber reinforced plastic and high pressure fan design production of specialized enterprises, long-term commitment to resistance to acid and alkali salt medium material selection and the processing of high pressure technology, products are widely used in mannheim method of K2SO4, alkali, chemical industry, titanium pigment, textile, agriculture chemical, metallurgy, mining, dye intermediates, aluminium chloride, pharmaceutical intermediates and so on various areas.

                  According to the long-term production practice, Jiete Fan has accumulated a stable raw material purchase channel. Different requirements for different media choose good anti-corrosion performance of imported vinyl resin, felt, glass fiber as the basic raw materials, such as the transmission group such as motor, bearing are selected from well-known domestic manufacturers.

                  Good sealing treatment can improve the quality of the fan, poor sealing not only reduces the working efficiency of the equipment, but also can cause damage to the body structure so as to shorten the service life of the fan. According to the customer's actual situation, Jiete glass fiber reinforced plastic high-pressure fan adopts mechanical seal, vacuum seal and other sealing methods to completely solve the problem of gas leakage.

                  Before the products leave the factory, technicians will test each fan in multiple links, such as outlet air pressure, air volume, impeller static and dynamic balance, sealing process, body operation vibration, body operation noise, etc., to make it meet the relevant national or industrial standards, so as to achieve the purpose of energy saving, emission reduction and low noise.

                  Customers in the process of using any fault and use problems, please contact us in a timely manner, we will provide you with quality service.

                  Service tel: 0318-8688139
                  Fax: 0318-8688928

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